Why We Recommend The Thera Cane Massage Tool

Wondering Why We Recommend The Thera Cane Massage Tool?

There are many knock off Thera Canes on the market today. However none of them have the same characteristics as the original Thera Cane. In fact there are some so close but they aren’t the same. Therefore we needed to tell you why we recommend the Thera Cane massage tool.

Thera Cane Personal Back Massage Tool: Why we recommend the Thera Cane massage tool


The original Thera Cane comes as one solid piece of molded plastic. Additionally the type of plastic that Thera Cane uses has a certain firm flexible quality. Because of the flexibility we feel you have more control over the applied pressure. Also the size of the arch is ideal for Rhomboid work over the shoulder.

Additional Nodules

Another reason we recommend the Thera Cane massage tool are the additional nodules it offers. The nodule expand the Thera Cane to allow for arm, leg and hip work. Ordinarily working these areas on yourself is a bit of a problem but the Thera Cane makes it easier for self care. One of our favorites is using the Thera Cane after Contrast Therapy Treatments on our arms. The nodules make working the attachment points of your flexors and extensors incredibly easy.

Thera Cane Instruction Manual

Thera Can encloses an instruction manual with each tool. The Thera Cane instruction manual is pretty thorough, outlining how to use the tool correctly. Furthermore is takes some of the guess work about how to use it. After all, you can get creative but it is nice to have a starting point. Thera Cane also provides videos on YouTube. Two thumbs up for that!!

Blue Thera Cane Personal Back Massage Tool

The Thera Cane Is American Made

Finally, the Thera Cane is made in America. This mostly effects the quality of the Thera Cane. Hold the Thera Cane in your hand and compare it to the competition and you’ll know the American Theracane is better. Not only that but you are helping keep American jobs. Jobs of people that may come to you to get a massage 🙂

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